world 22

Visual brand guidelines developing relevant content for social and environmental engagements, designing wayfinding and informational systems, product design and merchandise to name a few encompassing Suite World, a large annual week-long event sponsored by top rated global software company ORACLE. 


Working with San Francisco based ALTR Studio I was given the opportunity to collaborate alongside a small team of fellow designers. Our objective, to create an experience that would not only be memorable visually but navigationally as well for the thousands of attendees of SUITE WORLD 22 at Caesars Forum in Las Vegas. Establishing a look and feel utilizing a style guide created by our team while adhering to ORACLE's brand identity was our mission but to also create visually stunning wayfinding and informational systems that made traversing the event effortless. The goal was that attendees could take in more of the conference and socializing than trying to find their way to class on the first day at a new school.

Moving about different tasks was typical for our team but one of my main projects I spent the lion's share on was Suite World's Suite Store. Ideating the store's form and its surrounding open concept walls, then tailoring those practices into the merchandise. The product design was a bit more forgiving and playful but still within the strict brand identity. Finding a happy medium between a corporate identity and candy-like eye-catching products proved challenging but we persevered with a successful sales report and pat on the back. The designs fell fondly right into our target audiences laps.